LulaRoe: Julia loves my prego belly

Let’s do a quick catch up! I’ve been away living life for months now without a blog. It’s always nice to do and just let life happen but now I’m ready to share some things with all of you again. So as you will see here, baby #2 is in the works.  She’s been cooking […]

do it for yourself

Don’t Prejudge Direct Sales

Clear your mind. No prejudgements. I am a direct sales consultant. That statement alone evokes all kinds of feeling, expectations and reactions. That judgement is exactly what I was afraid of and I almost let it hold me back. But I’m glad that I got past that because when I say that Jamberry has had […]


Claire’s Gathering Cowl

I’m a series watcher. I’ve always loved binge watching episode after episode of my current series obsession. Most recently I’ve been a die hard for: Downton Abbey Call the Midwife Madmen Ray Donovan Penny Dreadful Game of Thrones Outlander Around Christmas time, most of ‘my stories’ where on hiatus for the holidays. What is a […]


I am Selfish

Here we are a day before Christmas and I am reflecting upon my character and self worth. (In no way is this a self-deprecating post or a shout out for attention; it is simply self-reflection and observation) Usually this time of year I have gone above and beyond to provide everyone in my life a […]