Don’t Prejudge Direct Sales

Clear your mind. No prejudgements.

I am a direct sales consultant.

That statement alone evokes all kinds of feeling, expectations and reactions. That judgement is exactly what I was afraid of and I almost let it hold me back. But I’m glad that I got past that because when I say that Jamberry has had a huge impact on my life or “changed my life” it is completely true (as cliche as it may be).

Part of my Jamberry journey is to revisit and readjusting my ‘why’. Why Jamberry? Why am I doing this? It helps to keep me focused and keep in mind the goals I am trying to achieve. I want to share some of this with you.

The initial part of my ‘why’ is pretty obvious and common: more income, get out of debt, buy a home and work from home. These things are all so important and always on my mind as I sit in my cubicle everyday and stare at our beautiful family picture….it’s hard not to constantly want the best of my little family and we definitely deserve our own space. I’m not brushing these motivators aside because these are the reasons why I pushed past the prejudgements and said I was going to be part of Jamberry. These are still very much a part of my ‘why’.

But what I did not know, is really turning into part of my ‘why’.

Today a friend asked me about depression and therapists. I shared my stories, experience with therapists and seasonal depression. I usually do have hard times in the winter, as a lot of people do.  I have noticed that this depression has a tendency to get progressively worse over the years. But I realized that this year, I didn’t have the terrible deep winter depression. Perhaps this is due to the freak warm weather and lack of snow.  But I think that my Jamberry team has a huge part in this.

I did not expect to have such a wonderful support group of strong, determined women.  Having never had any direct sale experience, this was all new to me. These women are all ages, have all kinds of different styles and backgrounds but there is one thing we all have in common; we love Jamberry. We all want to see each other succeed and we help each other try to do so. But this group of women do much more than provide business support. They are my friends. They pick you up when you are feeling low and give you positive reinforcement and encouragement. That has made the biggest difference to me.

That is why I love Jamberry. That is why I love being part of this company. That is my ‘why’.

I also really love helping women feel put together with something as simple as nail wraps <3