Claire’s Gathering Cowl

I’m a series watcher. I’ve always loved binge watching episode after episode of my current series obsession. Most recently I’ve been a die hard for:

  • Downton Abbey
  • Call the Midwife
  • Madmen
  • Ray Donovan
  • Penny Dreadful
  • Game of Thrones
  • Outlander

Around Christmas time, most of ‘my stories’ where on hiatus for the holidays. What is a lady to do? I needed quality characters to spend time with me in the wee hours of the morning while I crochet. Someone suggested the Stars Original series Outlander. I was immediately in love!


At the time, there were only 8 episodes. I watched all of them at least twice 🙂

Just this month I decided to take the plunge into the book series!  I am listening to book 1 via audio books.  I get to visit Claire and Jamie during my walk/workouts and while I crochet!  The cinematography in the Starz series is beautiful and I get lost in the love stories. But my favorite part of the series is the costumes; especially the knit and crochet pieces!

Most of the shawls, shrugs, fingerless gloves and cowls in the series are Knit. Seeing as I’m not a knitter, I decided that I was going to see about converting some of the knit pieces into crochet. I started with Claire’s cowl from “the Gathering” episode. This is a really simple knit stitch. It provides great stretch and drape. I knew that crochet would not be exactly the same, but I could make it something close to the original.


First, I searched to see what is out on the internet. I kept coming back to this crochet pattern by Polly Foo Foo. Her pattern is free and on her blog! She even has some lovely tutorial videos to help with the pattern. Her cowl is worked by using front and back post stitches in the round. But my brain was not computing this into the same knit cowl I was seeing. I was concerned that the piece wouldn’t have the same drape and stretch by working in the round. So I set off to make up my own pattern.

I used two skeins of super bulky yarn and special ordered some huge hooks!  In order to obtain the desired drape, I worked the cowl in vertical rows that are connected by slip stitch to make a tube. In order to add the movement and fold of the cowl, the piece is actually twisted twice before joining.  The twists are very important to the look of the final product!  Without twisting the cowl does not lay as nice and looks more like a long tube than the picture above.

This pattern took some trial and error.  In fact the first cowl I made up turned out to be too large. It didn’t hug the neck correctly and was kind of floppy.  So I adjusted the amount of rows to account for more growth and ease when blocking. I’m really happy with the finished product.  This is going to make an awesome addition to my wardrobe!  I may even make it in several more colors 🙂

Click here for the FREE crochet pattern for my Claires Gathering Cowl