LulaRoe: A Growing Addiction

Have you heard of LulaRoe? I had heard some rumblings about some amazing leggings but really didn’t know about it until I was invited to an online party. LulaRoe is a line of comfortable clothing that is sold through direct sales consultants. The best part of LLR is that they carry these awesome patterns and prints. But their pieces are released in limited amounts. This means that certain prints are VERY sought after and buyers can be very competitive. Consultants post their inventory at a specific time and date on Facebook. An item is claimed by commenting your email address. If a seller has a pattern that is popular or a “unicorn” (a rare pattern or a pattern special for an individual buyer) then the piece goes to the first person who comments. This can result in stalking photo albums and hitting the refresh button over and over again. It is quite the adrenaline rush! It’s also a pretty clever business they have going.

The pièce de résistance or LLR gateway drug is absolutely the leggings. The first consultant that I met referred to them as “buttah”. Of course, I thought how could these leggings be that amazing. Then I got my first pair….. OOOOOmmmmmgeeee!! They are so soft that I immediately nuzzled them to my face. Mmmm.. Then I put them on. They are the definition of comfortable. More importantly, they stay in place. The previous leggings that I had would sag in the knees and crotch and I would constantly have to pull them up. None of those annoyances with these leggings!



I happen to really love the crazy patterns – go figure! The leggings come in two sizes: One Size (OS) from 0-12 and Tall & Curvy (TC) 12-22.

The Irma top that they have runs 2 sizes big and has a high-low hem line. That makes it perfect for pairing with the leggings and covering all those private parts. I happen to love this top! I love how the sleeves are very fitted and there is no real ‘armpit’ area. The Irmas that I currently have are size Medium and I could easily wear a Large if I wanted it a little bigger to belt.


The Randy tee is a Raglan tee. Usually the body or the sleeves have a pattern. Again LLR is really consistent with the soft light fabrics. This tee is not as long to cover everything for leggings on me. This beautiful mustard one is a size 2XL. For those smaller ladies you may be able to size up to wear this one with leggings. I have also seen men wear these!! The Sloan tee, is the kids version of this and it is unisex for boys or girls!


There are two other tops that LLR carries, a perfect T and classic T. Both are cut to flatter and wear with leggings. I have not tried these yet.


They sell several dresses and skirts. I have tried two of their dresses, the Nicole and the Julia. The Nicole is beautiful and really flattering on all different body types. The fabric is stretch and it can be worn tight or loose depending upon your comfort level. This yellow with blue floral is a large but I could easily fit and XL for a looser look. It is a circle skirt and great for twirling! There is also a little girl dress called the Dot Dot Smile and it is very similar cut for your little one!


I also have a Julia dress that I got for family photos. This dress is form-fitting. It hugs all the curves in fun patterns. Although this cut is not for everyone, I really enjoyed the pattern of this one. It is very Fall and I layered a sweater over top for a more casual look. This Julia is an XL but it’s pretty form-fitting for me. I am looking to try a 2XL in this one next b/c it is just so easy to wear and looks great!


LulaRoe also carries a pencil skirt (Cassie), an A-line skirt (Azure), a pleated A-line with pockets (Madison), a lace overlay skirt (Lola), a sheer overlay skirt (Lucy) and a Maxi skirt. I have not tried any of these yet but love how they look on others! Other dresses they carry are the long maxi dress (Ana) and the pleated A-line dress with pockets (Amelia). They have some beautiful Kimono style tops (Monroe and Lindsay) and I have seen some heavier fabrics being released in these!

I waned to share these with you because they are really outside of my normal. It’s a different silhouette but not necessarily bad. It’s keeping things fresh and exciting and always growing. If anything, it’s a effortless way to dress and still feel put together and look great!

This Sunday, November 1st, my friend and I are actually having a LLR party with a local consultant!  This is also accompanied by a Facebook party!  If anyone has any interest about learning more, please comment or contact me!