LulaRoe: Julia loves my prego belly

Let’s do a quick catch up! I’ve been away living life for months now without a blog. It’s always nice to do and just let life happen but now I’m ready to share some things with all of you again.

So as you will see here, baby #2 is in the works.  She’s been cooking for 27 weeks now!  A second pregnancy is nothing like the first.  Everything seems to be amplified; the nausea, the feelings, the hormone changes but most of all, the belly.  My clothes were immediately too small!  The first time around I was able to wear a lot of my clothing while my belly slowly grew.  This time, with an instant belly, pants were out the window but leggings were in!  I also have a lot of super cute dresses that I was able to wear the first time that do not fit this time. Unlike the first pregnancy this time around my weight gain is all over rather than just my belly so my bust and arms do not fit the same into my dresses. Perhaps that is the difference from a boy pregnancy to a girl pregnancy 😉 I instantly was fighting the “what to wear” battle. Da-da-dah-daaaaah!!! LulaRoe to the rescue!

Now this may just be my own bit of crazy but it’s very different being a plus size pregnant woman.  I mean, being plus sized you sometimes get that rude moron who comes up to you and asks when your baby is due… but you’re not pregnant. Yes, it happens.  It is mortifying.  But when you are actually pregnant and all those relaxin hormones kick in (this is when your belly starts hanging out uncontrollably) sometimes you just feel like you look fat; not necessarily pregnant.  It takes until about half way, to develop a true baby belly where you feel like you can show off that tummy and feel confidently pregnant. This is about where I am 🙂  This is also the perfect time to embrace your clothing and make the belly work for you!

From my last post you know my recent obsession with LulaRoe clothing.  This obsession has completely amplified with pregnancy.  These are the most flattering, forgiving, comfortable clothing to wear as I grow a small human being. One of my favorite LulaRoe styles to wear with my prego belly is the Julia dress!


This dress is very form-fitting, but seeing as I have this big baby belly to show off, it’s kind of wonderful!  Normally you may feel like this dress is too tight.  It definitely takes confidence to wear this as a plus size lady. The Julia is like a big tee-shirt. Made of soft cotton that just gets softer when you wash it.  It is truly one of the easiest pieces to wear when sleep is so important and all attention is not focused on your outfit.  Who says you have to be that frumpy pregnant lady?!

Most recently I was able to snag some limited edition Americana LulaRoe for July 4th. These pieces are beautiful!  The “We the People” dress is amazing and it would be the perfect outfit to wear to go see Hamilton the Musical.  The cardinal and blue jay dress is so fun and reminds me of Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus books. I originally thought that this dress was a blue color but was happy to find this lovely purple! The best part of these dresses are that I can continue to wear them after baby comes!!