My Jamberry Journey

Several months ago my cousin threw a Facebook party and introduced me to Jamberry nail wraps. My first impression was, these are awesome and I LOVE every design! Throughout the week of the party I was more and more convinced that I wanted to try these new nail wrap things that look pretty cool.

If you are not familiar with Jamberry wraps, they are a high quality vinyl, heat and pressure activated nail wrap. They last up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 weeks on toes. No harsh chemicals, no mess, no smear and no smell!

I’ve always had nail polish and finding time to do my nails was always a challenge. It’s not the actual process of painting my nails that is the problem. It is allowing myself to have enough time for the polish to DRY before I can do anything else! Inevitably, at least one nail would be smudged or chipped or gunked up and then it looks like crap. I want nice nails and I like nice designs and patterns. But its really hard to do that yourself and for me, it’s expensive to get my nails done on a regular basis. So I set out to try Jamberry.

Let me tell you – I absolutely fell in love with the product! How wonderful to have cute nails and no dry time. I can put them on and do whatever I want! I became completely obsessed with the designs and I still have a wish list of designs that I want. But what I think I’ve enjoyed the most, and what I have gained from my Jamberry experience is the time that I take for myself to do my nails. Now my Jams last quite a while. I get a good 2 weeks out of my wraps! So every few weeks I get a time out to myself to do my nails. It’s a relaxing reboot. When it is time to put new wraps on, it is a calming ritual for me. I get out a snack tray to put out all my supplies. I sit by myself, watch one of my favorite shows and do my nails. It sounds simple, but there is a peace to my ritual. I have really grown to love this time by myself. The best part is that my nails look amazing and that makes me feel AMAZING on a daily basis. There is something about having your nails done that makes you feel put together and organized, even though you may feel like a hot mess on the inside.


If anyone knows me, when I fall in love with a product of company I talk about it and recommend it to everyone. Thus was the case when I fell in love with!  I still gush over modcloth and apply for any position that I think I would be qualified for, because I love the company and I love the products.  It’s free marketing for them!  I feel the same way about Jamberry! I want to talk to talk to everyone about Jamberry and share this wonderful product with them! So it was an obvious decision for me to become a Jamberry consultant!

I am so excited to start this journey.  It has been two weeks since I started and I love this company!! My team is full of positive vibea and I know I have an awesome support system!  You will notice in my header there is now a link to my Jamberry webpage. Please feel free to browse the site! There are over 300 designs for your nails – truly something for everyone. If you think that you want to try Jamberry, please send me a message and I can send you a free sample!  If you LOVE Jamberry too and want to get #allthejams you can ask to host a Jamberry party, online or in the comfort of your home!


Also, feel free to join my Jamberry launch party!!