Claire’s Gathering Cowl

I’m a series watcher. I’ve always loved binge watching episode after episode of my current series obsession. Most recently I’ve been a die hard for: Downton Abbey Call the Midwife Madmen Ray Donovan Penny Dreadful Game of Thrones Outlander Around Christmas time, most of ‘my stories’ where on hiatus for the holidays. What is a […]


Color Love: Mustard & Mint

I have been distant recently as my fall calendar has gotten busy. Also, I have been going through a bit of a fashion transition. I’ve enjoyed some new *gasp* modern looks that are a little outside of my retro norm. I’m sure I’ll show these to you soon. I’ve also been busy working my Jamberry […]


Vintage Nautical

This month is going really fast! The days of late summer are really nice, especially when the days start to get a little cooler at night. I don’t feel like I’m melting. I think I’m ready for falls cool crisp days. Perhaps it’s mostly because my mind has already transitioned into fall mode. I’ve been […]


Floral, Fringe and a Sabotage

Time goes too fast. I’m really trying to remind myself that. My work week is filled with high stress and I need to enjoy the time we have in the evening and weekends. My little boy is growing fast and putting more and more words together into sentences. I’m amazed at what he notices and […]