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Cables and Clover

Hello! Have you missed me? I went completely off the grid for a while and I’m trying desperately to resurface. It has been an interesting and stressful few months. I started a project at work that has turned my world upside down. Lately, I feel like I’ve been emotionally punched, kicked and left in a […]

Ethan Spiderman

Crochet Catch-up

It’s time for a Crochet Catch-up! I was pretty adamant about not wanting to publish crochet project photos over the Christmas holiday. I just didn’t want to spoil any gift surprises. So let’s take the time now to catch-up on some of those gorgeous handmade goodies. The Littles: I have a large extended family. Therefore, […]

Flowers for Ramona: Curtain Pull Backs

I was recently obsessed with some Japanese flower curtain pull back pictures that I found on Pinterest.  They were all so lovely and girly!  I usually just save these kind of things in hopes that someday I will have a little girl to make them for.  It wasn’t long after I saved these pins that […]

Car Seat Belt Pads

Since we have transitioned away from the infant car seat carrier and have upgraded to the “big boy” rear facing car seat, it has forces us to get a car seat in each car.  The car seat that I purchased for my car came equipped with nice seat belt pads that prevent the belt from […]