Claire’s Gathering Cowl

I’m a series watcher. I’ve always loved binge watching episode after episode of my current series obsession. Most recently I’ve been a die hard for: Downton Abbey Call the Midwife Madmen Ray Donovan Penny Dreadful Game of Thrones Outlander Around Christmas time, most of ‘my stories’ where on hiatus for the holidays. What is a […]


Cables and Clover

Hello! Have you missed me? I went completely off the grid for a while and I’m trying desperately to resurface. It has been an interesting and stressful few months. I started a project at work that has turned my world upside down. Lately, I feel like I’ve been emotionally punched, kicked and left in a […]

This pattern would look wonderful in any colors that suit your little sweetie.

Crochet Leopard Print Toddler Set

I love leopard print. It’s sassy, classic and versatile. In my outfits I have used it as a primary pattern, an accent or even a neutral. I think that every girl should have leopard print in their closet.   At the beginning of winter, I wanted to make a hat and scarf set for a […]

Ethan Spiderman

Crochet Catch-up

It’s time for a Crochet Catch-up! I was pretty adamant about not wanting to publish crochet project photos over the Christmas holiday. I just didn’t want to spoil any gift surprises. So let’s take the time now to catch-up on some of those gorgeous handmade goodies. The Littles: I have a large extended family. Therefore, […]