Color Love: Mustard & Mint

I have been distant recently as my fall calendar has gotten busy. Also, I have been going through a bit of a fashion transition. I’ve enjoyed some new *gasp* modern looks that are a little outside of my retro norm. I’m sure I’ll show these to you soon. I’ve also been busy working my Jamberry […]


A Whimsical Crochetification

Let me introduce you to Crochetification. I define it as, adding crochet to make something that is kind of blah into something that is fabulous!  I have several Crochetification projects in the hopper and I’m so happy to finally bring you the first!  Now you know when we threw a Frozen birthday party last weekend, […]


My Lipstick is Ready

I’m on a fast track right into holiday season.  As soon as Halloween is over it feels like a mad rush through November.  Then I can finally come up for air in January.  Welcome to my crazy. Top projects in chronological order (this may be more for my sanity than yours): Sell a car, buy […]

It’s What We Don’t See

This is my last burgundy post that I have saved to give to you. I’m sure it is not the last 🙂 This lace sweater from Lane Bryant is so soft and comfortable.  The sheer lace sleeves give a beautiful vintage feel and you all know that I can’t resist the color.   I got this […]