Superhero Pumpkin Carvers

The days are passing quickly and I’m trying to find time to enjoy a little taste of Halloween in every day until the end of the month.  This includes cooking spooky treats and making decorations.  Over the last several evenings we have dabbled in pumpkin decorating.  The results are wonderful! If you read my pumpkin […]

Pumpkin Picking and a Batty Bow

Here we are, mid-October, and I’m flourishing in the delight of Halloween!  This is one of the best times of the year and I love to spread the spooky holiday cheer and bask in the events of the holiday season.  Over the coming weeks I will be sharing with you my favorite Halloween past times or traditions (in […]

Some Days are Not Easy

Over the past few weeks by 9-5 cube job has been very stressful.  It’s not unusual for me to have periods of high stress, anxiety and pressure to fulfill deadlines.  But when the bell rings and the day is done, it’s sometimes hard for me to let go of work.  Often times the stress and […]