Trick-or-Treat, Smell My Feet

I hope everyone had a glorious Halloween!! I have had fun all season.  This year’s trick-or-treat was really successful. Fun was had by all.  I truly believe that homemade costumes are the best.  My mom made all of our costumes growing up and it’s really wonderful to know that my costume options were not confined […]


Festive Eats & A New Do

I have been really enjoying making all kinds of fun eats for the Halloween season.  My little man will appreciate this more when he’s a little older but for now this is great practice. Let me share with you some of these goodies.  If you have little ones or you like to make your food […]

Pass the Popcorn

I am a movie junkie.  Not saying that the movies I watch are superb; and I’m not saying I’m a movie guru. But, I love to watch movies.  This in turn is a common past time in our house.  Currently, I would much rather watch any movie over another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Toodles […]


Skulls and Hearts Shawl

When brainstorming Halloween pattern ideas, I instantly thought of this skull pattern by Kungen Och Majkis that I have saved on my Pinterest board.  I really loved the skull but I didn’t care for the rest of the square.  It was a little too open for me and because there is a lot of open […]