Cables and Clover

Hello! Have you missed me? I went completely off the grid for a while and I’m trying desperately to resurface. It has been an interesting and stressful few months. I started a project at work that has turned my world upside down. Lately, I feel like I’ve been emotionally punched, kicked and left in a […]

Ethan Spiderman

Crochet Catch-up

It’s time for a Crochet Catch-up! I was pretty adamant about not wanting to publish crochet project photos over the Christmas holiday. I just didn’t want to spoil any gift surprises. So let’s take the time now to catch-up on some of those gorgeous handmade goodies. The Littles: I have a large extended family. Therefore, […]

I had to make one for myself! Looks lovely at my desk!

Cable Sweater Mug Cozy

This is my first post to the new site!  Welcome all! It has taken me most of January to get this up and running. Not to mention, educating myself on everything and then asking a smart friend for some professional assistance. But at last, I’m so happy to have this up and running.  I still have […]

All I want for Christmas is...

I wish… My Christmas List

Everyone is making their list and checking them twice.  I am a big list maker.  This year, beside making a “To Do” list, a “Shopping” list and a “Things to Make” list, I have in fact made a “Christmas” list.  It has been quite a while since I made a list of things I want […]