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Don’t Prejudge Direct Sales

Clear your mind. No prejudgements. I am a direct sales consultant. That statement alone evokes all kinds of feeling, expectations and reactions. That judgement is exactly what I was afraid of and I almost let it hold me back. But I’m glad that I got past that because when I say that Jamberry has had […]


Up-cycling Old Magazines: Nail Mats

Jamberry launched their new catalog this September!!! wooooooo!! The new catalog is JAMAZING and sooooo exciting!! Of course, I had to replenish my catalog stock with the new catalog.  But this left me with a pile of out dated catalogs.  It seemed like such a waste. So I started searching Pinterest for ideas on how […]


Vintage Patriot

Happy Independence Day!! July 4th has come to symbolize the beginning of my summer vacation! I really need the rest, relaxation and family time. Over the past few year this means making a trip to upstate NY to visit my family.  This year is extra special because my big sister is visiting at the same time. […]


My Jamberry Journey

Several months ago my cousin threw a Facebook party and introduced me to Jamberry nail wraps. My first impression was, these are awesome and I LOVE every design! Throughout the week of the party I was more and more convinced that I wanted to try these new nail wrap things that look pretty cool. If […]