leopard print


Color Love: Mustard & Mint

I have been distant recently as my fall calendar has gotten busy. Also, I have been going through a bit of a fashion transition. I’ve enjoyed some new *gasp* modern looks that are a little outside of my retro norm. I’m sure I’ll show these to you soon. I’ve also been busy working my Jamberry […]


Peachy Keen Retro Butterfly Sleeve Dress

Last week I had an unexpected week off work and got to spend time with my beloved family. Although the circumstances for our visit were unfortunate, I’m very grateful for the time with my extended family. More so, I’m happy that my little man got to spend time with his cousins. The whole week was beautiful […]

This pattern would look wonderful in any colors that suit your little sweetie.

Crochet Leopard Print Toddler Set

I love leopard print. It’s sassy, classic and versatile. In my outfits I have used it as a primary pattern, an accent or even a neutral. I think that every girl should have leopard print in their closet.   At the beginning of winter, I wanted to make a hat and scarf set for a […]