Christmas in June?

We have been having a really lovely summer. I hope all of you are too! It is so nice to not wear a coat, go to the park after dinner, play in the sandbox and kiddie pool! But last week someone posted a friendly reminder on Facebook that “Christmas is six months away”. Now who […]


Wearing Winter Floral in Spring

My heavy wool fair isle sweater is not a good candidate. It happens to me every year. The weather gets nice and warm and my spring clothes are still packed in boxes. This year was no different. We were experiencing sunny 70+ days and my clothing was stuck in dark colors and heavy fabrics.   […]


Cables and Clover

Hello! Have you missed me? I went completely off the grid for a while and I’m trying desperately to resurface. It has been an interesting and stressful few months. I started a project at work that has turned my world upside down. Lately, I feel like I’ve been emotionally punched, kicked and left in a […]


Embracing Winter in a Fair Isle Sweater

This winter I really wanted a Fair Isle sweater. (I could make myself one but I haven’t yet) I already had my outfit planned out in my head. I wanted to wear it with the tweed skirt I have and it would sort of be a pin-up mash-up of Vera-Ellen’s outfit in White Christmas and […]