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Vintage Nautical

This month is going really fast! The days of late summer are really nice, especially when the days start to get a little cooler at night. I don’t feel like I’m melting. I think I’m ready for falls cool crisp days. Perhaps it’s mostly because my mind has already transitioned into fall mode. I’ve been […]


Dainty & Feminine: Polka-dots, Lace & a Tiny Hair Bow

The History Center here in Pittsburgh has an event in May called Vintage Pittsburgh. This year was the first time that I was able to attend this event. Let me just say, I was in heaven. This was an awesome vendor event filled with vintage clothing, hats, shoes, housewares, you name it. I wish my […]


Welcome December!

I made it.  Wow! November was quite a rush for me and now it is over in a blink of an eye. I always have trouble winding down when things are busy like that.  I keep feeling like there is something I should be doing like making phone calls, lists or sending emails.  Ahhh, but […]


Festive Eats & A New Do

I have been really enjoying making all kinds of fun eats for the Halloween season.  My little man will appreciate this more when he’s a little older but for now this is great practice. Let me share with you some of these goodies.  If you have little ones or you like to make your food […]