Trick-or-Treat, Smell My Feet

I hope everyone had a glorious Halloween!! I have had fun all season.  This year’s trick-or-treat was really successful. Fun was had by all.  I truly believe that homemade costumes are the best.  My mom made all of our costumes growing up and it’s really wonderful to know that my costume options were not confined […]


Skulls and Hearts Shawl

When brainstorming Halloween pattern ideas, I instantly thought of this skull pattern by Kungen Och Majkis that I have saved on my Pinterest board.  I really loved the skull but I didn’t care for the rest of the square.  It was a little too open for me and because there is a lot of open […]

It’s What We Don’t See

This is my last burgundy post that I have saved to give to you. I’m sure it is not the last 🙂 This lace sweater from Lane Bryant is so soft and comfortable.  The sheer lace sleeves give a beautiful vintage feel and you all know that I can’t resist the color.   I got this […]

Appropriate for Work?

I put this outfit on this morning and my husband asked “is that shirt really work appropriate?”  My response was “today it is.”  These pants are seriously like wearing pajamas to work. They are light and flowing and don’t feel like dress pants at all.  I do find that these pants are hard to wear […]