Wearing Winter Floral in Spring

My heavy wool fair isle sweater is not a good candidate. It happens to me every year. The weather gets nice and warm and my spring clothes are still packed in boxes. This year was no different. We were experiencing sunny 70+ days and my clothing was stuck in dark colors and heavy fabrics.   […]


2015 Resolutions: Out with the Old and in with the New

Happy New Year! Although I always used to celebrate the New Year with drinks and fireworks, or at least sparklers, this year will be a low key, family time New Years.  This probably means, pajamas, playing with toys, Netflix and perhaps a drink or two.  Such a change in this holiday really brings the years […]


A Whimsical Crochetification

Let me introduce you to Crochetification. I define it as, adding crochet to make something that is kind of blah into something that is fabulous!  I have several Crochetification projects in the hopper and I’m so happy to finally bring you the first!  Now you know when we threw a Frozen birthday party last weekend, […]


My Lipstick is Ready

I’m on a fast track right into holiday season.  As soon as Halloween is over it feels like a mad rush through November.  Then I can finally come up for air in January.  Welcome to my crazy. Top projects in chronological order (this may be more for my sanity than yours): Sell a car, buy […]