two year old


Floral, Fringe and a Sabotage

Time goes too fast. I’m really trying to remind myself that. My work week is filled with high stress and I need to enjoy the time we have in the evening and weekends. My little boy is growing fast and putting more and more words together into sentences. I’m amazed at what he notices and […]


Cables and Clover

Hello! Have you missed me? I went completely off the grid for a while and I’m trying desperately to resurface. It has been an interesting and stressful few months. I started a project at work that has turned my world upside down. Lately, I feel like I’ve been emotionally punched, kicked and left in a […]


A Boy’s Frozen Birthday Party

I’m officially a mamma of a two year old.  Where did the time go?  This past weekend I had birthday party #1 in Pittsburgh.  This was supposed to be a small scale party but with a big family, we had 25 people when all included.  Of course, I cannot do anything simple.  I got gobbled […]


My Lipstick is Ready

I’m on a fast track right into holiday season.  As soon as Halloween is over it feels like a mad rush through November.  Then I can finally come up for air in January.  Welcome to my crazy. Top projects in chronological order (this may be more for my sanity than yours): Sell a car, buy […]