LulaRoe: Julia loves my prego belly

Let’s do a quick catch up! I’ve been away living life for months now without a blog. It’s always nice to do and just let life happen but now I’m ready to share some things with all of you again. So as you will see here, baby #2 is in the works.  She’s been cooking […]


I am Selfish

Here we are a day before Christmas and I am reflecting upon my character and self worth. (In no way is this a self-deprecating post or a shout out for attention; it is simply self-reflection and observation) Usually this time of year I have gone above and beyond to provide everyone in my life a […]


LulaRoe: A Growing Addiction

Have you heard of LulaRoe? I had heard some rumblings about some amazing leggings but really didn’t know about it until I was invited to an online party. LulaRoe is a line of comfortable clothing that is sold through direct sales consultants. The best part of LLR is that they carry these awesome patterns and […]


Color Love: Mustard & Mint

I have been distant recently as my fall calendar has gotten busy. Also, I have been going through a bit of a fashion transition. I’ve enjoyed some new *gasp* modern looks that are a little outside of my retro norm. I’m sure I’ll show these to you soon. I’ve also been busy working my Jamberry […]